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 NLP Sales Book

Daniel Olson's book, the Secrets of Persuasion shows you how to use NLP and hypnosis in new ways to maximize your success. BE a Successful Money Making Sales Person.

Use these tecniques to:

  • Build rapport
  • Improve communication
  • Make friends with the customer's unconscious mind
  • Overcome obstacles and make objections vanish like magic
  • Understand your customers true desires
  • Make the sale Make money
  • Table of Contents:


    Money Making Sales People Know These Secrets: The Secrets of Selling with Hypnosis

    Secret Number One: How to Make Them Like You

    Gardening Success Through Hypnotic Selling

    Profit From the State of the Art Hypnotic Techniques of Conversational Hypnosis

    Spiels that Mesmerize Your Customers

    Subliminal Advertising: It's Not About Popcorn Anymore

    Mesmeric Questions That Say So Much More!

    Lets Take a Break - How Self Hypnosis Can Help YOU Improve

    They Eyes Have It! Read Their Mind

    Sell More When You Know How They Think: The Value of NLP Metaprograms

    Programs of Universal Proportions

    Using Neuro Accelleration Training tm With Your Sales Force . . . May Your Force Be With You . . . Buy the Secrets of Persuasion NOW! 
      NLP Sales Book
    E-book, only $47.00

    Read a sample chapter before deciding.
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