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How does hypnosis and weight loss actually work?

There are hundreds if not thousands of weight loss diets out there. You have probably tried some of them but inevitably you fall off the wagon and put whatever weight you have lost back on. Maybe you have tried low carb or low calorie. You have maybe had personal trainers analyze your weight loss nutrition. Most of these diets work short term but if you want to lose weight and keep it off you need to look at what is behind the weight gain in
the first place.

Most weight gain is triggered by some sort of emotional response. You get upset or stressed and hit the fast food lines. Then you go for the next fad diet and the trend gets triggered again. If you want to lose weight and keepit off you have to discover your triggers, set realistic goals and make conscious food choices.
For many of us childhood experiences influenced our food decision making process. We were unconsciously programmed by our parents to reach for a cookie or piece of candy whenever we were hurt. And what did you do on rainy nights when you were stuck at home? That bowl of popcorn with butter looked really good when you were stuck at home and bored didn't it?

If you are serious about losing weight then you have to start making food conscious decisions. Now how do we get to the root of your individual food programs? Well many people successfully turn to hypnosis to help uncover their food programs and to help them make better food decisions. 

Hypnosis and weight loss
1) Hypnosis helps you to make losing weight more important than that next slice of pie or scoop of ice cream. It can help you rearrange your priorities from short term to long term.

2) Hypnosis should be based on your individual needs and desires. So you can state why you need to lose weight and your hypnotist can incorporate your specific needs into your session.
3) Hypnosis can be time specific. So if you need to lose weight for a wedding or reunion you can incorporate that into the suggestions that you are given.

4) Hypnosis can uncover hidden belief and deal with it. Some beliefs that many clients have are: I am 30 years old so my metabolism must have slowed down. Or many of us were brought up to believe that I must clean my plate. Or I can lose a pound or two but that isn't enough to make a difference.

There are many sites out there with hypnosis Cds and tapes. These can be a good place to start but the suggestions will be fairly general. For truly effective results a combination of the Cds and a session either by phone or in office is the most effective way of ensuring weight loss
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