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Self-Hypnosis Made Easy!

Learn Self Hypnosis
Self-Hypnosis is the key to success in every area of life. Using it, you can tap into sources of power, creativity, intelligence and ability far beyond anything you could ever imagine. You can change, not just the course of your own personal history, but impact history itself. You can eliminate a lifetime of limiting programming in a matter of weeks...even days...effortlessly. In short, master this and you can...
Design The Life You Really Want And Write Your Own Ticket!

I’m talking about the ability to recognize, utilize and custom design...

Your Own Trances!
I sincerely believe learning self-hypnosis will have a profound impact on people’s lives in the new millennium.
Now, why should you really care about what I do? No reason whatsoever. Because, the point that applies to YOU is that it’s only in a trance that traditional limiting "programming" and "beliefs" can be bypassed so your full measure of creativity, wisdom, intuition, talent and genius can come out. In other words, unless you learn to design, utilize and benefit from trance states you will never touch your true talents or live the life you were meant to live. Looking throughout history, you’ll see this is true.

Here's What People Are Saying:

"Every time I see Dan, my life changes in some way. His self hypnosis seminars are a trip into the deepest levels of my mind...he helps me enhance my life & make valuable changes...he is a gifted hypnotist and I would recommend him to anyone!"

Chris Danyi - Orlando, FL

2 Days of Self Hypnosis:

Dates: One weekend: June 28.29,2020

Location: Baldwin Park Location

1440  Lake Baldwin Lane Orlando Florida 32814

Your Investment: $497 for new clients
                               $297 for current clients only ($200 savings)

Money Back Guarantee!

Warning: Call now because seating is limited to just 5 people to ensure personal attention.

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Pay by phone - Call 407-740-6090 
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