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Subliminal Cds

These powerful subliminal message programs are especially designed and composed for maximum change and improvements! These subliminals are available in CD.

All of the Cd's in our Neuro-Acceleration Subliminals™ utilize the Tomatis Effect. The Tomatis Effect - These are high frequency brain changing tones. People utilizing these tones have reported experiencing greater focus, enhanced wellbeing, accelerated learning, improved concentration, and more energy.

Our Subliminal Cds utilize the Tomatis Effect combined with:
  • Subliminals - What you will hear are beautifully recorded music selections while your unconscious hears specially designed brain changing suggestions. These suggestions are just below the surface. An example of a subliminal suggestion would be - "relax, be comfortable, etc."
Read about how one of our clients used the subliminal memory series to pass the bar. Click here

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