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Meet Daniel Olson, author of "The Secrets of Persuasion"

Daniel Olson has been helping people create happier and more fulfilling lives for themselves and others since 1981. He is a trainer of NLP.

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Daniel Olson, Hypnotist, Author, Trainer, NLP, Consultant

Daniel is the creator of Neuro-Acceleration Training™. His company, Olson & Associates is fast becoming the leading edge training in communication excellence. He is a Certified Master Hypnotist and an Approved Hypnosis Instructor. With his powerful change device, the Neuro-Acceleration Tape System. He has helped thousands upon thousands of people make valuable changes since 1981.

Daniel's work has been featured in magazine and newspaper articles. After using Hypnosis to help himself overcome stage fright, he has become a popular guest on radio and TV programs.

Daniel's goal is to give each client a powerful hypnotic experience for change and improvement. "I want to help you to fulfill your goals and ambitions and to help you with any problems you have. Equally important, I want each client to rediscover that changing and making improvements can be easy and quick."

Get more information on Daniel's book The Secrets of Persuasion.

Daniel Olson has been a guest authority the following Television and Radio affiliates:
CKO Radio / Toronto, Canada / London, England
WAMJ-AM / Southern Indiana
WMCA / New York
WARA / Massachusetts
AM 60 Radio / Montreal, Canada
WFOX / Atlanta, Georgia
United Stations Radio
Coplay Radio Network
KIK-FM / Calgary Alberta, Canada
States National Communications Network
WCPX / Channel 6 (CBS, Orlando)
WFTV / Channel 9 (ABC, Orlando)
WFTV / Channel 9 (ABC, Orlando)
WFOL / Channel 35 (FOX, Orlando)
WMFE / Channel 24 (PBS, Orlando)

Daniel Olson has been interviewed as an authority or has had entire articles devoted to his personal expertise in the following periodicals.
Orlando Sentinel
Night Rider Newspaper
Success Magazine
Golf Weekly
Central Fl Magazine
Orlando Magazine l
Valencia Student Press
Heritage News
Venture Link,
Japanese Magazine
Voice Of Orlando
New York Daily News
Orlando Business Journal

Here's What A Few Of Daniel Olson Clients Have To Say:

"...knowing what Daniel and I have accomplished together by far outweighs all the money spent to have a few moments with Tony (Robbins) shared by millions."
Mary Beth
Orlando, FL

"Every time I see Dan, my life changes in some way. ...he helps me enhance my life and make valuable changes...he is a gifted hypnotist and I would recommend him to anyone!"
Orlando, FL

"I drank at least ten beers a day most of the time more-But never a drop after Hypnosis. It changed my life. I smoked two packs a day but knew I could be a non smoker through Hypnosis. Its the most relaxing experience I've ever had. Lost the desire and craving for alcohol and cigarettes the first session on each."
Sanford, FL

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