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 Orlando Hypnosis Center Reviews & Testimonials

Hypnosis Testimonials for Daniel Olson. Here's What A Few Of Daniel Olson's Successful Clients Have To Say:

Quit Smoking Testimonials

"No cigarettes since first session. The tapes are helpfull with falling to sleep and getting a good nights sleep. Short trances help me focus on whats important, expecially when I'm stressed."
Barbara - Orlando, Fl

"...It changed my life. I smoked two packs a day but knew I could be a non smoker thru hypnosis. It's the most relaxing experience I've ever had. Lost the desire & craving for alcohol and cigarettes the first session on each."
Debbie - Sanford, Fl

"After my first session I quit smoking all together. I have not had a cigarette in 12 weeks. If I ever feel the urge I simplly do my breathing exercise and urge is gone."
Sally - Orlando, Fl

"I smoked about a pack and a half a day - after the 1st session I have not had a cigarette and I have been around smokers without stress or desire to smoke. I'm happy and very impressed!
Margie - Kissimmee, Fl

Hypnosis for me turned out to be very effective. I have completely quit smoking, and really can't remember ever wanting to smoke. Even think about it, the smell, the look, everything seems foreign to me now. Losing weight was not an intention, but since I quit I have lost 11 pounds and have not done anything.
Wendell - Clermont


"I have smoked since 1950 1-2 packs a day. They were 35 cents a pack. I loved to smoke. In my 40's I got sick wanted to quit but no deal! No Way! 2 weeks was the longest I ever went. I tried all gimmicks! Only in the hospital could I go without one. The day I got out I was back at 7-11 getting cig. I still loved to smoke. I loved them until the day I went for my appointment with you. We had a visit there was a pack of cig in my car compartment. I did not touch them after that day and have not since. Did I tell you I loved to smoke. Its almost been to easy.I could have done this years ago. And saved my poor lungs torment thanks to you. I have a handle on this thing now I hope! I'm now 63 years old. I won't ever smoke again. Not even 1 cause as much as I loved to smoke I wouldn't tempt something that strong."
Wanda - ex-smoker -Florida

"I stopped smoking the first session. I have not lost weight, or gained weight."
Janis - Orlando, Florida

Weight Loss Testimonials

"When I left your office I felt overjoyed and optimistic. You had removed my hopelessness and given me hope about my weight loss. I have subsequently lost 5 lbs in a week and have no desire for sweets".
Marcia- Orlando, Florida

"I have lost 26 lb in 5 months and it has been easy. I am not dieting. I have changed my life choises."
O.W. - Germantown, Tn

"I have lost 9 lbs. in 4 weeks which is in line with goal of 2lbs per week...overall very pleased & would recomend highly."
Scott - Orlando, Fl

"Dear Mr. Olson,
Thank you so much for all of your help. I have finally lost weight and have kept it off! My motivation is high and my desire to eat junk food is almost gone. If I do have dessert, I am satisfied with just a few bites, instead of the whole dessert. You are a miracle worker."

Caterina - Orlando

"I modified my eating habits for the first time in my life!"
Palm Bay, Fl

"I lost 14 pounds in 3 wks! And it was easy. It's amazine how little food it takes to make you full as compared to what I used to eat! Has been a great Lifestyle change!"
Linda - Orlando

"In 3 weeks I"ve lost 5 lbs. I"m sleeping better and I like the stress reduction hypnosis cd in the afternoon. I feel very refreshed afterwords".
Windy - Deltona, Fl

"I did really well with food control...
T- Orlando, Fl

"I have lost 5 pounds...
Janet - Leesburg, Fl

"I managed my eating habits for the first time in my life!"
Leslie - Palm Bay, Florida

"I've noticed a loss of weight 8lbs. Its only been a few weeks - but most important is my outlook, feeling that I''m back in control of not only my weight but my whole well being."
Nancy - Clermont, Florida

"I have lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks. I have cut back from 10 soft drinks a day to about 1 a day."
John - Orlando, Florida

"The best thing I ever did to help myself. I don't know how much weight I've lost but I know my eating habits have changed too!"
Helen - Lake Mary, Florida

Stress Relief - Relaxation

"Developing strategies to lower stress, control obsessions, feel better."

"I feel that there has been an improvement in my ability to relax under pressure & be more focused with Daniel's help"
Colin - Titusville, Fl

"was very relaxing motivating enlightening."
Susan - Orlando, Fl

Learning/Memory Testimonials

"I can't thank you enough for helping me with my understanding block. My life will, has, and will always propell to that higher level I've always wanted to achieve all because of you."
Glenn - Kissimmee, FL

"I felt significantly less stressed about school after the sessions."

Orlando, Florida

Golf Testimonials

"I have dropped almost 2 shots off my golf game since the summer. I feel more confident and at ease on the golf course than ever before."
College golfer - Florida

MRI Exam Testimonials

"I could have never done an MRI test (even open) without youre help. My test lasted 1 and one half hours and I even fell asleep at one point. Before my sessions with you, I would cry and have anxiety and panic attacks just thinking about having the MRI because I'm very claustrophobic. You did more than assit me with my problem with the tes - you helped me with the future and any other tests I may need to hav, thereby making me a healthier and happier person. Thank you so very much... I am so grateful to you."
Linda - Orlando, Fl

Self Hypnosis Testimonials

"Every time I see Dan, my life changes in some way. His self hypnosis seminars are a trip into the deepedst levels of my unconscious and together he helps me enhance my life and make valuable changes. He is a gifted hypnotist and I would recommend him to anyone!"
Christine-Orlando, FL

"I have not felt this relaxed in a long time. Daniel made me aware of what my mind was capable of achieving. Thanks you for your wonderful presentation!"
Donna - Sanford, Fl

"Opened my awareness to my personal power to control my life by monitoring my accessment of circumstances."
Amy - Winter Park, Fl


"I drank about at least ten beers a day most of the time - But never a drop after hypnosis. It changed my life..."

Debbie - Sanford, Fl

"I'm using hypnosis in my ongoing battle with alcohol. I'm using it in conjunction with oter tools. at present I'm 20 days sober. ...I enjoy it and feel it is useful and I am hopeful and optomistic."
David - Orlando, Fl


"Prior to my session I was a compulsive gambler - I would go to the Casinos 3-4 times a week. After just one session the compulsive urge I felt was gone! One month later I have completed my third session and I'm proud to say I have not been back! Not only have I stopped gambling, I have started a new happier lifestyle. This experience changed my life! Prior to starting my sessions, I looked everywhere for help, and could not find any. Hypnosis was my last resort, and it worked. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me through this struggle when no one else would. God bless you.
Lisa - Tampa, Fl

Success Coaching

"I have been working with Daniel Olson for five years
now, and I could not be happier with the results.
With Daniel’s guidance, I am growing into a successful
business leader and living a balanced, healthy life.
Daniel and I have worked on everything from the
general, like stress relief and time management, to
the specific, like getting accepted into a top 20 MBA
program and landing a job with my #1 company after
graduation. In Daniel I find a not only a coach, but
a friend. I am proud to recommend his services."

Grayson - New Jersey 

Hypnosis Sales Enhancement

" I went from struggling with the ups and downs in sales to feeling confident and getting to my sales volume in only two visits. The ability to have the feeling like I just made a sales...has given me a huge edge in clising the deal.
Bill - Orlando, Florida

General Testimonials

"My private sessions with Daniel Olson have help my confidence, mental concentration and disciple level reach heights. I didn't know I could achieve."
Wanda - Maitland, Fl

Daniel was great!!! He was easy to work with and answered all of my questions. He was hones & trustworthy in all my interactions. He also cared about my problems and genuinely wanted to help."
Bill - Oviedo, Florida

"Feel much calmer & peace. Able to control my emotions instead of them controlling me. Sleep better at night with cd. Feel less stress upon waking. Have more self exteem. Feel I forgive myself and others easier. Like myself for the first time in my life. Now it is possible to reach goals."
Carson - Altamonte Springs, Fl

My requests were a bit more specific but I noticed a difference after the first session. I am now able to focus on my goals and future successes and not be distracted by surrounding negativity."
Robert - Oviedo, Florida

Became more confident in less than 3 visits. Jealousy became much less of an issue.
Orlando, Fl

"Helped me to deal with Relationships. Have made confidence - time management medical/hypertension - Eat better - Forgiving my mistakes - setting goals - body & mind in time sync. Flying on long trips."
Barbara - Altamonte Springs

"Developing strategies to lower stress control obsessions. Feel better."
Maitland, Fl

I gained confidence,organized and better communications skills."
Florida"I was fixated on a problem and Daniel helped me to let it go."

Marie - Winter Park, Fl

"...knowing what Daniel and I have accomplished together by far outweighs all the money spent to have a few moments with Tony (Robbins) shared by millions."
Mary Beth-Orlando, FL

"Benefits in a problem and Daniel helped me to let it go."
Joanne - Winter Park, Fl

"Very effective, relaxing, confortable and thurough, covers needs completely. Would recommend."
Larry - Orlando, Fl

"I have found my sessions with Daniel to be more effective than anticipated. Most definietely a Life-Altering experience."
Windermere, Fl

"i am on my way to meeting my goal. Thank you."
Joseph - St Cloud, Fl

"More focused on day to day basis. More positve thinking."
Orlando, Fl

"The hypnosis has been great for me. When I listen to the tapes thy get to what I need...He really make me relax and hypnosis get right to my problem."
Mary - Debary, Florida

"The sessions have made me more relaxed. less stressed and full of energy. I've been amazed ath how "great" I've felt after the sessions. And again using the CDs clearly has geven me lots more energy."
Mary - Poinsiana, Florida

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NLP Sales Training Testimonials

"Your NLP sales training had an immediate impact on my sales bottom line. I blew away my 3rd quarter projected sales by 38%! I am highly recommending your sales persuasion courses to my friends and fellow business associates so they too can improve their sales performance!" Read the rest of this letter here.
George, President, Life Extension Nutrition Center

"I've obtained eight new listings and two new exclusive buyer representations in the past four weeks! This is a 100% close ratio. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! What a difference your workshop made in both my personal and professional life." Read the rest of this letter here.
Cynthia, Broker, Commercial First Realty

"... has provided many tools that has helped me with my business and personal relationships. I now have several tools to eliminate stress and have more energy! Read the rest of this letter here.
Kay, Business Owner

"I noticed a stronger reaction in prospective customers, and a noticeable difference in what I call influence power. People came into rapport longer. Sales have increased." Read the rest of this letter here.
Jody, Timeshare
Kissimmee, FL

"I enjoyed your presentation and respect for each persons differences. Information enjoyable and experiential . what a way to learn! Good humor also. ...Really helpful to me personally for my transition. Wow!"
Winter Park, FL

"Very beneficial....helps me to achieve my personal goals.... which you taught has been very relaxing and enables me to be in a resourceful state - helps me with my goals."
Marion, Financial Consultant
Orlando, FL

"Daniel gears the concepts to the desires of the participants. This program was great with many topics covered with great depth and comprehension. Well structured. Many great techniques presented. Great concern for participants to get their outcomes. Always flows with the class."
James, Stockbroker
Winter Park, FL

"Excellent. An enlightenment into the subconscious resources of the mind."
Martha, Caseworker
Orlando, FL

"I enjoyed it. Last year I timelined 2 goals and I met and exceeded both. They were real and attainable. They were more ingrained. The blocks seem to be removed."
Jody, Timeshare
Orlando, FL

"Very informative, enjoyable, enlightening, and fun overall. I would suggest it to anyone interested in self-discovery..excellent. I learned so much more the 2nd time through. I closed a lot of loops."

"A most helpful rewarding event! The growth of inner peace, new found identity....was a very interesting way of perfecting ones goals in a very realistic way. The visualization of the process was a very grounding way of already feeling that one has already achieved goals and transformed ones life to a successful venture in ones life."
Winter Park, FL

"I appreciated your playful, relaxed flexible style and expressive voice. Wonderful, magical, spellbinding, intriguing lush language."
Kim, Orlando, FL

"I can't thank you enough for helping me with my understanding block. My life will, has and will always propel to that higher level I've always wanted to achieve. All because of you."
Kissimmee, FL

"Got a different look about myself. Keeping a happy face all day."
Maria, Property Agent
Kissimmee, FL

"Very Powerful techniques from a very talented teacher. . . for establishing rapport and leading your customers to buying your product or service"
Longwood, FL

"Enlightening. Integrating, puzzling, spiritual . . .great tools for learning the conscious mind while freeing the unconscious mind."
Suzie, Business Owner
St. Augustine, FL

"I didn't realize how powerful language can be."
Maria, Orange Lake
Orlando, FL

"Daniel's voice is magical, soothing, and rhythmic as the ocean."
Gwen, Author
Kansas City, MO

"You gave me a chance to understand myself better. I would like my students to learn the skill to improve their performance as well."
Bob, Golf Instructor
Oslo, Norway

"Effectively executed, fun, motivation, organized and planned very well in order to develop our individual goals successfully--fun and challenging."
Shelley, Licensed Real Estate Broker
Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Your program in sales excellence has translated to all-time high sales results. I've experienced greater levels of rapport with my clients. I have, also, noticed enhanced confidence and increased motivation levels. Keep me on your list for any future programs."
Sara, Phoenix, AZ

"Is a great course for my job because it gives me the expertise to pick up what motivate them and how to present my product more effective, and much more."
Timeshare Salesperson
Orlando, FL

"My life began to change drastically, as I became aware of the possibilities available....through the guidance of Daniel Olson. I became a powerhouse magnetizing those around me." Read the rest of this letter here.
Mary Beth, Independent Associate

"...in private sessions with you I discovered unknown personal beliefs, that have for years kept me from realizing my full potential. And we removed, in just three hour's time, the limitations those beliefs had imposed on me."
John, PEO
Winter Springs, FL

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