Daniel Olson’s book, “The Secrets of Persuasion” shows you how to use NLP and hypnosis in new ways to maximize your success.

BE a Successful Money-Making Sales Person. 


Use the techniques in this book to: 

  • Build rapport
  • Improve communication 
  • Make friends with the customer’s unconscious mind 
  • Overcome obstacles and make objections vanish like magic
  • Understand your customers true desires 
  • Make the sale. Make money!

“The Secrets of Persuasion” Chapter List

  1. Money Making Sales People Know These Secrets: The Secrets of Selling with Hypnosis 
  2. Secret Number One: How to Make Them Like You 
  3. Gardening Success Through Hypnotic Selling 
  4. Profit From the State of the Art Hypnotic Techniques of Conversational Hypnosis 
  5. Spiels that Mesmerize Your Customers 
  6. Subliminal Advertising: It’s Not About Popcorn Anymore 
  7. Mesmeric Questions That Say So Much More! 
  8. Let’s Take a Break – How Self Hypnosis Can Help YOU Improve 
  9. The Eyes Have It! Read Their Mind 
  10. Sell More When You Know How They Think: The Value of NLP Metaprograms 
  11. Programs of Universal Proportions 

Use Neuro Acceleration Training™ with your sales Force . . . May Your Force Be With You .

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