As an expert Hypnotist and Trainer, Daniel’s has received not only personal praise from his happy clients, but has garnered many accolades in the press.

After using Hypnosis to help himself overcome stage fright, Daniel became a popular guest on radio and TV programs. He has continued to be featured in magazine and newspaper articles throughout his 30+ years as a successful hypnotist.



Daniel has been a guest authority the following Television and Radio affiliates:

WCPX / Channel 6 (CBS, Orlando)
WFTV / Channel 9 (ABC, Orlando) 
WOFL / Channel 35 (FOX, Orlando)
WMFE / Channel 24 (PBS, Orlando)

CKO Radio / Toronto, Canada / London, England
WAMJ-AM / Southern Indiana
WMCA / New York
WARA / Massachusetts
AM 60 Radio / Montreal, Canada
WFOX / Atlanta, Georgia
United Stations Radio
Coplay Radio Network
KIK-FM / Calgary Alberta, Canada
States National Communications Network


Daniel has been interviewed as an authority or has had entire articles devoted to his personal expertise in:

New York Daily News 
Orlando Business Journal 
Orlando Sentinel 
Success Magazine 
Golf Weekly 
Central Fl Magazine 
Orlando Magazine
Valencia Student Press 
Heritage News 
Venture Link
Japanese Magazine
Voice Of Orlando 
Night Rider Newspaper 

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