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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 It was first my experience with hypnosis. I had read about how it can help with stage fright, and after a bit of research, I was ready to see a pro. Daniel was perfect. He is impressively knowledgeable, and insightful. After the first session, I immediately started to see through my fears, and performing soon became the pure joy I knew it could be, if only I wasn’t so dang scared. I definitely recommend Daniel as an excellent hypnotherapist. (hi Daniel! great to hear from you. hope you’re well!)

Jose A 03/03/15

MRI Fear Testimonial

β€œI could have never done an MRI test (even open) without youre help. My test lasted 1 and one half hours and I even fell asleep at one point. Before my sessions with you, I would cry and have anxiety and panic attacks just thinking about having the MRI because I’m very claustrophobic. You did more than assit me with my problem with the tes – you helped me with the future and any other tests I may need to hav, thereby making me a healthier and happier person. Thank you so very much… I am so grateful to you.”

Linda – Orlando, Fl

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