Meet Daniel Olson

Meet Daniel Olson

Author of “The Secrets of Persuasion” & Founder of The Orlando Hypnosis Center

Daniel Olson has been helping people create happier and more fulfilling lives for themselves and others since 1984. 
Daniel Olson, Author & Hypnotist

Daniel is the creator of Neuro-Acceleration Training™. His company, The Orlando Hypnosis Center, has become the leading-edge training in communication excellence. He is a Certified Master Hypnotist and an Approved Hypnosis Instructor. With his powerful change device, the Neuro-Acceleration Training. He has helped thousands upon thousands of people make valuable changes and since 1984.

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Daniel’s goal is to give each client a powerful hypnotic experience for change and improvement. “I want to help you to fulfill your goals and ambitions and to help you with any problems you have. Equally important, I want each client to rediscover that changing and making improvements can be easy and quick.”

Located in Baldwin Park in Orlando, FL, Daniel Olson has happily helped thousands of people make their lives better through hypnosis.

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“I can’t thank you enough for helping me with my understanding block. My life will, has, and will always propell to that higher level I’ve always wanted to achieve all because of you.” 
— Glenn – Kissimmee, FL

“Every time I see Dan, my life changes in some way. His self hypnosis seminars are a trip into the deepest levels of my unconscious and together he helps me enhance my life and make valuable changes. He is a gifted hypnotist and I would recommend him to anyone!” 
— Christine-Orlando, FL 

Learn how our Daniel can help you achieve your goals and to fix your problems in useful ways.

Tap into 30+ years of experience and contact Daniel Olson to schedule your free consultation today.

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