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Are you a smoker who wants to quit but is struggling to do it on your own?

Smoking cessation hypnosis can be an invaluable aid to achieving your goal. We offer very attractive session packages that can help you kick the habit, once and for all.

Before using our smoking cessation hypnosis sessions to help you quit smoking, it is important to be clear on why you actually want to quit. Cigarette smoking is devastating to your health and has no redeeming features apart from a very temporary sense of satisfaction. When cigarette smoke is inhaled, it damages your whole respiratory system and undermines your immune system affecting the whole body. Smoking can lead to lung cancer, mouth cancer, emphysema, heart disease and a host of other very serious ailments. 

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Cigarettes are also drain on your finances. The greater your habit, the more expensive it is. The financial cost of smoking can also be seen in increased insurance premiums and increased medical costs. The cost of purchasing our quit smoking hypnosis package could therefore be seen as an investment that will bring excellent financial returns. Cigarette smoking can also affect you socially. Smoker’s breath is very unpleasant, especially for non-smokers, the smell is pervasive and clings to your hair, clothes, car and home furnishings. It can cause yellow teeth and yellow finger tips as well as premature aging of the skin. 

A final very important reason to become committed to overcoming your addiction is the damage you are doing to those around you. Cigarette smoke hurts other people. In particular, people who cannot remove themselves from the vicinity of the smoke are at serious risk of harm. This means babies, children, elderly and people who are ill may be subjected to dangerous chemicals that could seriously affect their health. As a responsible human being, surely you want to be part of the solution not a part of the problem. This quit smoking hypnosis package can offer you the psychological and emotional support you need to make this important change. 

Smoking is an addiction and it is not going to be easy until the nicotine is out of your system. However, after a few days, when you’re your body is free of chemicals your physical cravings will be substantially reduced. Unfortunately, you will then be assaulted by psychological stress. The psychological addiction to cigarette smoking is often underestimated. The benefit of using this quit smoking hypnosis package to help you stop smoking is that it reprograms your beliefs about yourself, your place in the world, your confidence in your ability to stop smoking and helps you imagine the sense of accomplishment and pleasure you will feel when you achieve your goal. 

Our quit smoking hypnosis package will focus on the many benefits of quitting smoking. You will strengthen your desire for good health, fitness, increased energy, and other positive benefits when you complete this quality quit smoking hypnotherapy package. 

Hypnosis isn’t magic; you will still have to make an effort and create a positive environment for making this change. Be around people who will support your decision and stay away from those who will try to derail you. 

This smoking cessation hypnosis package will help you deal with the emotional and psychological aspects of giving up cigarettes.

Self-hypnosis has been found to be a highly effective tool for people trying to give up cigarettes and often works when nothing else has. Many doctors and other health professionals are now recommending hypnotherapy as a powerful resource in a person’s quit smoking arsenal. For many people, it is the only tool they will need.

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“No cigarettes since first session. The tapes are helpfull with falling to sleep and getting a good nights sleep. Short trances help me focus on whats important, expecially when I’m stressed.” 
— Barbara – Orlando, Fl 

“After my first session I quit smoking all together. I have not had a cigarette in 12 weeks. If I ever feel the urge I simplly do my breathing exercise and urge is gone.” 
Sally – Orlando, Fl 

“I have smoked since 1950 1-2 packs a day. They were 35 cents a pack. I loved to smoke. In my 40’s I got sick wanted to quit but no deal! No Way! 2 weeks was the longest I ever went. I tried all gimmicks! Only in the hospital could I go without one. The day I got out I was back at 7-11 getting cig. I still loved to smoke. I loved them until the day I went for my appointment with you. We had a visit there was a pack of cig in my car compartment. I did not touch them after that day and have not since. Did I tell you I loved to smoke. Its almost been to easy.I could have done this years ago. And saved my poor lungs torment thanks to you. I have a handle on this thing now I hope! I’m now 63 years old. I won’t ever smoke again. Not even 1 cause as much as I loved to smoke I wouldn’t tempt something that strong.” 
— Wanda – ex-smoker -Florida

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